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At Dogtown, our mission is to
create nothing less than
the World's Greatest Hotdog.

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"Dogtown is so good, I only wish I had two stomachs."
— Kathy Wu

"Best (Cincinnati Red) I've had outside of Cincinnati"
— Maia 12-8-06

"I've been looking forward to this (Golden Retriever) all day."
— Kevin Canavan

"Just reading your menu board makes me happy."
— Anonymous

"I didn't even like hot dogs before I came here."
— Matt Taylor

"This place smells like the most magical place on earth."
— Ted 2-24-07

"I look forward to three things when I come to Rochester: closing the deal, staying at the Del Monte Lodge, and coming to Dogtown."
— Matthew Daymude

"You can't find a better hot dog in the city of Rochester than right here at Dogtown."
— Bob Green

"It's like the menu from heaven."
— Adam

"The best hot dog I've had in 20 years."
— Sam Papavrani

"This is the best birthday present I've ever had."
— Bob C.

"Dogs have the ability to see beyond the surface, they are great judges of character, Kudos to Dogtown!"
— Vicky Simon

"It's always tough to find places we are able to eat as a family with two omnivores and two vegetarians and your place fit the bill. I got to choose tonight (it's my birthday!) And I'm glad I did. We'll be back for sure."
— Jean Maynard

What the Press Says

Thank you for participating in our 3rd Annual Great Bowls of Chili Cookoff! Congratulations also for your restaurant's win as "Best Use of Vegetables and Beans"
— Janice Gouldthorpe, Executive Director

This meat sauce is a kinder gentler and leaner version than what Garbage Plate aficionados are used to. And it's delicious.
— Karen Miltner, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The hots and sausages are top-notch, all made by local companies, grilled nicely and topped six ways from Sunday. Dogtown's breadth and quality set it owners with a great idea and classy execution.
— Adam Wilcox, City Newspaper

Sure, purests can play it cool, with just a squirt of mustard or ketchup. But that's missing the artful topping combinations named after man's best friends.
— Shelia Livadas, Brighton-Pittsford Post

Area's best kept culinary secret
Chef Seth Lindal

More Bragging

Best Cheap Eats
Winner 2012, 2013, 2014 (City Newspaper)

Best Vegetarian Options
4 Time Nominee (City Newspaper)

Top 25 Food Experiences You Must Have in Rochester Before You Move or Die
Rochester Democrat&Chronicle

City Newspaper Best of Rochester Winner
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Gold Winer, Best Hot Dog                                                          

D&C Rochester Choice Award, 2012, 2013





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